Photographic Tuition and Field Trips

Private and small-group tuition is now offered at £30 per hour via Zoom or on location here in Cheltenham for keen photographers of all ages and ability levels.

It’s possible to condense a two-year college course into less than three months of twice weekly lessons and field trips, and be better able to start your career straight away.

Modules are tailored to your interest and aptitude, but might include the following subject areas:
• Professional results from cameraphones
• The history and significance of photography
• Fine art photography
• Street photography
• Post-production and Photoshop
• Equipment choices
• Fundamentals of rhythm, colour and composition
• Colour science
• Macro photography
• Astrophotography
• The alt-lens world (using non-standard and vintage taking lenses)
• Seeing differently
• Professional working practice
• Shooting people
• Light

After a free consultation and assessment all beginner-level students will be given a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of exposure before branching into their preferred specialist area of study. The aim is instill a love of the subject as much as the information and practical experience required to take professional-level pictures. Whatever the shape of course – which will be different for each student – it will be accompanied by field trips to put theory into practice.

There will also be opportunity to take part in group trips with other like-minded photographers and students. Some of these are local to central Gloucestershire; others take us to the most beautiful places in the UK and Europe.

Tell us what you want to learn via email or call Mark on 01242 692455.


“Mark is a knowledgeable tutor and experienced photographer he’s taught me many things over the years for example one of the first things he taught me about was the three pillars of photography, iso, aperture and shutter speed he taught me what they do, how they work and the best way to use them to complement my photos depending on the subject this has helped my greatly in improving myself as a photographer, he’s also taken my out on multiple occasions to his shoots and gave me some first hand experience in what it’s like to be a freelance photographer. if you’d like to see some of my work you can find me at Instagram . . .”
– Dan W.

“Mark has many years of photography experience in diverse settings. He greatly helped me understand and improve my photographic technique by explaining the fundamental principles of photography and camera usage to a relative novice like me and did it in a clear and understandable way. I found his guidance invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor for all ages and abilities.”
– Rory H.

“I didn’t really know much at all about my camera, a Panasonic Lumix compact, but he was extremely patient and explained the basics very clearly.  I felt I could ask any question, even if I’d already asked it earlier in the lesson. He was very accommodating, and organized the lesson around my knowledge level, and my own photography goals. I had been trying to photograph blue tits nesting in the nesting box in my garden but couldn’t get the focus right.  After my 3 lessons with Mark, I finally got my first acceptable photo of a bluetit leaving the nesting box.”
–Jenny G.