Is there anything more interesting than people? Portraiture is sometimes said to be the art of capturing the soul – the essence of the person. I’m not sure that’s true. The best a photographer can hope for is to glimpse a genuine facet of someone and immortalise a truly lived moment. Such images grow more valuable with time.

For us, then, pictures of people – or pets – are about natural settings, minimally faked lighting, a light hand with the make-up, and time. If you’re looking for an elaborately staged or heavily stylised studio portrait, we can certainly help – but often the best images come when the subject relaxes from all the effort they’ve been making to project themselves, and start expressing themselves instead.

The job of the portrait photographer is therefore to put people (and pets) at ease – or tease them into the right frame of mind. Sometimes the knack is just to hang out with them until they forget they’re having a picture taken. That’s what makes portrait photography fascinating: each subject is different.

If you’re looking for a solo, couple or family portrait, mugshots for work or other commercial application, or professional-looking content for social media, we can be contacted via email or on 01242 692455.