Enlarger Lens Medalists

Medals are give for fidelity in two categories (Near and Far). ‘Near’ distance is here classified as ‘within reach’ (40-80cm) and not the macro range*. Fidelity is here defined as ‘subjective sharpness’ – combining factors of resolution, contrast and freedom from aberration.

Within each category, there are two events: one for all comers (f5.6-f8 across-the-frame average) and a more demanding one for faster lenses (f4-f8 across-the-frame average). For perspective, lenses are ranked against Sigma Art primes (50mm and 105mm). Lenses are listed in decreasing order of excellence.



Meopta Meogon 80/4 (92.8%)
Fujinon EX 50/2.8 (92%)
Nikon EL 50/2.8 N (92%)
Sigma Art 50/1.4 (91.3%)
Nikon EL 80/5.6 N (91%)
Schneider Apo Componon HM 60/4 and Makro Iris (91%)
Rodenstock Apo Rodagon N 105/4 (90.8%)
Schneider Apo Componon HM 90/4.5 (90.3%)
Fujinon EX 90/5.6 (90%)
Minolta CE 80/5.6 (89.8%)




* You’ll find plenty of information on using enlarger lenses for 2:1 and higher magnifications elsewhere. Achieving uncompromised performance in this specialism requires that a lens be optimised for a specific magnification, with increasing specialisation as magnifications increase. Enlarger lenses are competitive performers up to 1:1, but they are undervalued as ‘short-range lenses’, filling the niche between macro lenses and standard lenses called for by many applications.