Lens Tests and Camera Reviews

Nikon 14-24mm

Nikon's reference-grade zoom

Canon 1Ds III plus Nikon 14-24mm G: the best ever DSLR rig for landscape and architecture. Unique tests here.

Lens Tests and Camera Reviews

Version 3 Novoflex
Nikon G > Canon EOS Adaptor Now Available

Get your hands/1Ds III on the new Nikon 14-24mm,, 10.5mm Fisheye or another G lens

NEW: 2014 Enlarger Lens Survey

Forgotten gems given new life without out new llightweight tilt adaptor designed for enlarger lenses. We assess 16 of the most interesting optics on the used market in the most comprehensive group test of its kind.

Zones and Image Circles

Why bigger is better, and why we don't just call a corner a corner.

Camera Phone v Canon 350D

6x4 small print shootout: Sony Ericsson K800i v Canon 350D v Canon 5D.


16:9 Photography


In pursuit of diverse image-making, 16:9 rails against compromise, explores seldom-charted digital techniques, cajoles incompatible equipment into getting along, and wilfully disrespects conventions for the edification of diverse image-makers. Preferred maxim: if it ain't broke, break it.

In the real world we take pictures of buildings
and meaningless advertising industry stuff like tortoises, hairgrips, salad, and string.
Based in the UK, we shoot and train anywhere. Call Mark Welsh on 01782 621225 to discuss a brief or quote or browse a portfolio:

Interiors | Exteriors | People Working
Weddings | Food | Products

Many more lens tests inside: see actual pixel 100% samples and explore our unique rating system >

Random Photograph


For a limited time we are offering a free portfolio hosting service for professional and amateur photographers. To have your work featured in the image library, email us here. If you have antique candid photographs suitable for inclusion in the library, please also get in touch.



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Bigger, wider, better: whether you're building composite images from multiple captures or just playing with shift movements, StitchPix guides you through all the options, from novice to master.

Canon EOS Adapted Lens Compatibility Pages

Using Contax, Leica, M42, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Yashica and Zeiss lenses on Canon EF-mount cameras. Where you can buy the bits, why you should bother, which lenses work with which bodies, and how to hack them so they do. Now also includes a guide to using medium format lenses with Canon or Nikon digital cameras.

Discussion Forum

Adapted lenses, innovative techniques and links to inspirational photographers. Membership is free and permits access to the classified board where you can list equipment for sale and wanted without charge.

Photographic Tools

Field of view calculators, depth of field charts, used equipment prices, nodal point lists and image circle diagrams. Relevant information for those using medium format lenses on 35mm.

Articles & Reviews

Camera reviews, software reviews, hacking guides, general pontification and speculation, technical guidelines, etc. Submissions welcome.

Image Library

A growing database of characterful and distinctive imagery, including authentic antique candids, cameraphone pictures and lo-fi / Holga / Lomo toy camera fun. Free membership is currently available, allowing you to display your portfolio online without a dedicated hosting account. Apply here.